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Call for Artists

Oak Manor Apartments

Florence Regional Arts Alliance (FRAA) and Oak Manor Apartments are pleased to team up and invite emerging, mid-career, and established artists to submit 2D &/or 3D original artwork for their property.

Oak Manor Apartments is a non-profit housing complex located at 3944 Oak Street. The property is currently under construction with hopes to have the art from this call installed upon completion of construction and the grand opening of the property. 

There are two locations for art on this property and two types of art requested in the call. Each location has specific dimensions and particular requirements.

  • Location One is a 2D work that will be purchased and placed in the Property Administration Office that will welcome visitors and residents.
  • Location Two is a 3D, sculptural work that will be purchased and installed outside greeting residents and visitors to the property.

Both requests for Art will allow artists to display their work at this location as a permanent cultural fixture for the community at this property. Works submitted will be considered for purchase from the Artist.

The Art selected for these locations will provide community pride, give artists an opportunity to share their art in an area with high visibility and create a sense of place for our community members and visitors.


General Project Information:

  • Two (2) locations for art have been selected by Oak Manor Apartments. Details of the locations are listed in the Site Plan and visuals are included in the downloadable Supplemental Materials document. Click Here for Material
  • There is no fee to enter.
  • Artists are allowed to submit three entries for each location.
  • Each piece submitted will be part of a new application. 
  • Oak Manor Apartments will purchase selected artwork and become their property to display and maintain.
  • Art submitted in this call must be available for sale upon selection.
  • 3D entries; Oak Manor Apartments will work with the artist to install the art on the base proposed by the artist and accepted by Oak Manor Apartments. Art will be mounted closer or further from the ground, depending on size. Artists should sketch out their desired base and submit it with their application. Oak Manor Apartments will consult with the artist and determine the final base. The artist and Oak Manor Apartments will work out installation details, and the Artist should be present at the installation.
  • 2D entries maximum size and space is 48” (height) X 48” (width) excluding frame. It is important that artists adhere to these guidelines, or their work will not be accepted.  Can be a single piece, diptych, or triptych.
  • 2D art must be clean and odorless. Oak Manor Apartments will supply frame(s). Art must not protrude out from the wall beyond 3”.
  • All submitted works must be completed, or if a mock-up is submitted, a detailed completion timeline must be submitted with the application. 
  • Accepted work which differs significantly from work represented in the entry will be disqualified.
  • All costs associated with transportation of the artwork to Florence, Oregon (to the Oak Manor Apartments Property), will be the responsibility of the artist.
  • All artwork must be the original design and artwork of the artists and suitable to be viewed by all ages.
  • All ages, emerging, mid-career, & established artists may apply. For those under 18, this must be indicated in the application and have guardian approval.
  • Selected artwork will be scheduled to be installed in Summer 2024. The schedule of installation will be adjusted based on location and artist, depending on the situation.
  • The deadline for submission is March 1st, 2024, at 11:59 pm PST
  • The Oak Manor Apartments Art Selection Committee determines which work will be purchased. They do not need to make a selection from this call.


General Application Timeline:

  • January 2024: Call To Artists available for application through Florence Regional Arts Alliance online form  Click Here for Form
  • January 30th: Application & Project presentation at Florence Regional Arts Alliance at 5:30pm 
  • March 1st, 2024: Call-to-Artists closes
  • Mid March 2024: Selection Committee makes selection
  • April 2024: Artists are notified of committee decisions
  • Summer 2024: New art is installed


Application Requirements

  • Complete application
  • When submitting, artists must specify the type of art and location for which they are submitting their piece of art (Please note that locations have unique requirements).
  • Artists are allowed to submit three pieces per location.
  • There is no entry fee to submit for this Call


Artists Must Submit the Following Information for Each Piece of Art: 

  • Type of Art and Location (2D in Administration Office or 3D for Outside Placement)
  • Title of Work
  • Date Created
  • Short Description of the Work 
  • Price of Art
  • Detailed list of materials used
  • Height
  • Width
  • Width of Widest Point or Depth
  • Total weight of the piece
  • Artist’s history using these materials
  • Recommended Maintenance Procedures & Schedule (repairs of possible damage and cleaning)
  • A statement of not more than 250 words for use in marketing materials (can’t we ask this later? 
  • Other pertinent information about the work.
  • If art is completed or not. If not, Artists must remit a detailed timeline for completion


Eligibility Criteria & Design Guidelines:

  • All ages, emerging, mid-career, & established artists may apply. For those under 18, this must be indicated in the application and have guardian approval.
  • There is no required theme; creativity and innovation of designs are encouraged as well as themes of community and cooperation.
  • Artists must submit photographs of the specific art that is being entered, from multiple angles. Work-in-progress, mock-ups, models, drawings, or concepts are accepted for this Call. If work is not fully complete, it must be noted, and a process timeline must be included showing completion by time of install.
  • Entries must be the original design and artwork of the entrant. Designs must not include any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands, business names, corporate or organizational brandings, or imagery of violence, drugs, and alcohol.
  • Entries must be suitable for viewing for all ages.
  • Artwork submitted may not be used for advertisement or to promote a business, product, or viewpoint.
  • Artists may submit work on their own or as part of a team.
  • 3D, Sculptural Artwork can be of any medium but must be able to withstand coastal weather conditions, including wind and seasonal rain, as well as resistance to theft, vandalism, excessive maintenance, and repair costs.
  • 3D, Sculptural Artwork cannot exceed 500 pounds in total weight, except with approval by Oak Manor Apartments.
  • 3D, Sculptural Artwork Artists must present a plan and diagrams for mounting work.
  • Each work will be evaluated to require that it does not present a hazard to public safety and must conform to ADA standards.


Evaluation Criteria

  1. Visual Impact
  2. Interpretation & Creativity
  3. Composition & Design
  4. Craftsmanship
  5. Design Criteria & Eligibility Guidelines Met



The chosen art will be approved by Oak Manor Apartments based on the submitted images, application materials, proposals, and proposal presentations. Oak Manor Apartments approves art concepts, project scope, and budget, thereby allowing the artist creative license within the established project plan. Oak Manor Apartments reserves the right to reject any and all applications. 

I understand that if my artwork is selected, I will be paid what my work was listed under “Price of Artwork” as the purchase price. I will grant Oak Manor Apartments ownership of the artwork.